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Lenovo Personal Computer Products

As a premier Authorized Service Center (ASC), Equicom Inc provides warranty support for all Lenovo products from consumer notebooks/desktops to enterprise notebook and enterprise series. In addition to the standard warranty support service, Equicom provides installation and deployment services with upgraded warranty packs for both consumer and enterprise levels.

IBM Servers and Storage

A wide variety of System Servers and System Storage are supplied by Equicom Inc. These include the following:

IBM System X Servers and Services
System Storage Products and Services
        • IBM System DS Storage Server
        • IBM Nseries Storage Systems
        • NetApp Storage Systems
        • Hitachi Storage Product

Equicom Inc renders warranty support services for all servers and storage sold.

Microsoft Products

Equicom Inc sells Microsoft licenses and offers support as well as basic training for Microsoft product suite such as MS office and the like.

VMWare (Virtualization) Technology

STRATUS Fault-Tolerant Servers

Symantec (Veritas) Back-up Management Solutions


Equicom Technology Assesment and Consulting Services Using Virtualization.

a. Server Consolidation
b. Business Continuity Planning
c. Desktop Management and Control


• Document your current environment, including detailedinformation of your current   IT assets, system configurations and utilization.

• Analyze your IT resources to identify cost saving opportunities through server   consolidation.

• Provide a roadmap on how to lower TCO (total cost of ownership) of your IT   infrastructure and be more cost-effective and efficient.

• Improve service levels by provisioning for continuous availability

• Define and create a baseline for the present and future technical architectures

• Deliver a recommended solution that meets your needs

• Perform technology turnover to enable your technical support staff to properly   understand, transition and support the Virtual IT Infrastructure.

Service Level Agreement

EQUICOM offers the integration of the various technical support services through Service Level Agreement that encompasses all the possible solutions to Client’s requirements. Since the current thrust of the company is towards the provision of quality services, the Service Level Agreements that we propose include Server and PC hardware, software technology and people resources.

Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance refers to internal and     external cleaning & testing of a machine to ensure its good working condition.

Remedial Maintenance refers to repair services and replacement of defective parts or machine.

Project Management

Project Administration refers to EQUICOM’s appointment of a Project Officer to coordinate and supervise all maintenance activities between CLIENT and EQUICOM & assignment of Standby Technical Personnel at respective Client’s site.

Computer Hardware Rental

Business Continuity Solutions

Other Technical Services:

1. Performance Services

Performance Services monitor the scope of server elements under management for anomalies. These services focus on throughput, latency and utilization issues. Anomalies are detected and reported or identified in advance of degradation, ensuring that server elements are operating correctly at required levels.

2. Configuration Services

Configuration Services go beyond traditional software distribution and change control services to include auto discovery of device details and asset management services. These services use specialized monitoring components and leading infrastructure management processes that enable effective business decision-making.

3. Performance Measurement.

Performance monitoring begins with measurement. Performance measurements can either be policy-based or based on pre-defined service levels. Before initiating monitoring services, we conduct a preliminary assessment to establish a baseline and identify and present solutions for initial performance issues.

4. Performance Tuning.

Analysis captured performance measurements to resolve identified problems. Services consist of either rule-based software solutions or administrative intervention. We tune both infrastructure and application elements and utilize tools to dynamically allocate resources and address performance issues.

5. Asset Management Services.

Our industry-leading Asset Management Services enables the management of both business and technical information necessary to effectively manage your server infrastructure. Utilizing a state of the art asset repository that includes web access, Asset Management Services are customized to integrate best practices and processes along with other tools such as Auto Discovery. The defined disciplines are applied to the entire process (from requisition through retirement) to accomplish fill assessment cycle management. Accurate and detailed asset management data encompasses demographic, technical and  financial areas. Virtual assets (e.g. IP addressing, firewall rules), software (publisher, version), and hardware (CPU, ports) are managed. Asset Management Services deliver measurable value in the form of software license compliance, lease management, utilization analysis, upgrade analysis and standards enforcement.

6. Auto Discovery Resource Management

Auto Discovery Resource Management is the ability to electronically find, identify and interrogate assets on a computer network. Devices can include PCs, servers, hubs and routers. Information captured includes hardware profile, software installed, configuration settings and changes from the prior scan. The combination of asset management and auto-discovery enables effective decision-making about technology assets. Specific issues addressed include productivity at the Service Desk, managing and tracking configuration changes in the environment and more effective use of capital.


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